We love trail running and are constantly striving to deliver new and exciting challenges for ourselves and others. To this end we have put together ultra-running events that we know will be exciting for those of you with the determination, mental strength and physical prowess to push yourself to the limit of endurance.

OUR RUNS ARE challenging, interesting, varied and famous for their excellent organisation and support (see 'what you think of us' tab to the left of this page).

Do not underestimate the challenges of these runs. They are very demanding indeed and our events are designed to ensure that only those with real determination who have the physical and mental capacity can finish them in the time limits. If you are up to this challenge, please join us. Contact us on info@extremerunning.org for more details.

Our runs are not sign-posted because we believe that is unsightly and environmentally unfriendly and we expect you to be largely self-sufficient and be able to navigate (although we do also alow sat-nav) - that being part of the challenge. However, we have paramedics, marshals and support crew, water, food and transport in the event something unexpected happens on the day.

We are running our prestige event, the London to Brighton (see below) with the emphasis on balancing beautiful settings with really significant physical challenges and maximum enjoyment. Our new events will combine the culture and professionalism of our previous organisations, with the emphasis on inclusivity and enjoyment but will also concentrate more on what we feel is the future of 'free', 'trail', 'ultra' or 'barefoot' running - running barefoot or with truly minimalist shoes. We call this 'bare running' and we hope as many as possible of you will join us for these events.

The London to Brighton trail is about 60 miles/95.56 km run through London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex - the ultimate ultra run and one with an impressive pedigree. This run attracts serious competitors, international runers, as well as those set on achieving a real running milestone (or, in this case, 60 milstone). For relative newcomers, we assist the understanding of endurance running and, for those less experienced in the art/science, help them to be competent navigators.

If you love ultra running, if you want to try it or if you want a major challenge for your own benefit or a valued charity, we provide the opportunity for you to push yourself to the limits of your endurance. All we ask of you is to enter, train hard  and run your heart out on the day. We will provide you with drinks, food and shelter where necessary, emergency support and everything else you expect from a major event, plus advice and ongoing support to help you to succeed. Moreover, you will find us welcoming with a refreshing absence of corporate arrogance as we are just runners ourselves. 

Our runs are really spectacular events, now forming an established part of  the ultra running calendar in the UK and Europe and our name isa synonymous with high standards of organisation and support. 

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Whether you are a beginner, experienced ultra marathon runner or a seasoned veteran, we would love to see you at one or more of our Extreme Running events in the coming year. You enter by clicking 'enter now' at the end of the relevant page for the run.

If you have any questions at all, just email us on info@extremerunning.org. We will endeavour to answer all genuine enquiries but please bear with us if our other commitments do not allow us to give an immediate response.


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